Cleaning products, when used properly, can significantly improve the hygiene and safety of any living or working environment. However, if not handled properly, these products do have the potential to cause harm or injury. For this reason, cleaning staff and all people who work with these chemical cleaning products must be aware of the safety tips to follow while handling them.

To ensure the health and safety of all cleaning staff, and to be sure that they are cleaning safely at all times, keep in mind these essential tips for handling cleaning products:

Store all cleaning products safely
The safe storage of cleaning supplies is one of the most important aspects of ensuring health and safety for the staff. Cleaning chemicals must be stored in a well-ventilated area, away from any HVAC intake vents. This way, fumes if any, can be prevented from circulating to other areas. The container caps or lids should always be properly closed to prevent leaks or spillage. Also, all cleaning chemicals must be stored in their original containers and should not be mixed, even if they look similar, such as these sanitisers.

Follow the right procedures
Always read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer, as given on the product labels. Also ensure that material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available for every chemical being used. In addition, as a matter of procedure, ensure that any chemicals that remain unused after 6 months are disposed of in a safe manner.

Maintain proper documentation
Keep a complete record of all the chemicals that are being stored and used in the premises. The records should indicate the quantities being stored, where they are being stored, and the specific precautions needed for each chemical.

Use the correct signage
Signs like this one can help prevent accidents to any staff or visitors while cleaning is under process. You can also use “Caution” signs around areas where chemicals are being stored, to keep everybody aware of the need to be careful.

Provide training to staff on cleaning safely
Cleaning staff must be trained in the proper usage of all cleaning supplies and tools. For instance, they need to know the difference between the handling of a chemical labelled as “Caution, must be used with care”, “Warning, the product is mildly toxic”, and “Danger, the product is highly toxic”. In addition, staff must understand the importance of safe storage of cleaning equipment and the use of protective equipment.

By ensuring that cleaning professionals know and follow these essential cleaning safety tips, you can improve the levels of safety for everyone concerned.

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