Clean and sparkling windows are a clear sign that your establishment is well-maintained and that you follow high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your venue. Even if you have kept your interiors clean and tidy, dirty windows can damage the impression you make on visitors. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression and the front windows to your establishment are the very first impression that many of your customers will see. Shop from our range of window cleaning supplies to keep your windows shining and streak-free! Whether you are looking for commercial window washing equipment, a complete window cleaning kit, or just some commercial quality window cleaning supplies for your home or store, you’ll find them here at One Stop Cleaning Supplies. We offer a wide range, from leading brands in the market such as Oates and Rapid Clean and a wide range of specialist window cleaning brands as well.

Commercial window washing is a specialised activity and needs specific cleaning supplies. You will find in our online store a range of window cleaning buckets, window cleaning holsters and pouches for cleaning staff, and commercial window squeegees to make window washing easier and more effective. You will also need spare squeegee rubbers for your commercial window squeegee, so pick up a few of those as well while buying your window washing equipment. For cleaning tall windows or working at heights, you can also use our window cleaning extension poles which make it easier to reach those out-of-reach areas. All squeegee handles will work with extension poles. Every good window cleaner has a few high quality commercial window squeegees in their tool bag and this is by far the hidden secret for how they get windows sparkling clean with a minimum of effort and fuss. Like a good carpenter has a good hammer, every good commercial window cleaning has a good commercial window squeegee not too far away at any time.

In addition to washing and drying, cleaning windows also involves removing existing dirt and dust from them. For this, you need a good quality window scraper to remove all the debris from the glass surface in advance. You can choose from a range of durable and effective window scrapers from our collection. If you are just getting started with window cleaning and are not sure which window cleaning equipment to get, you can also begin with a window cleaning kit. This is a bundle of all the necessary window cleaning supplies you might need, and can save you some time and effort in putting together your entire list of commercial cleaning products. A good window cleaning kit usually contains a bucket, a window squeegee, a squeegee rubber, a window scraper and microfibre cloth.

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