Fast and efficient dusting is key to the preparation of any commercial space. Whilst commercial sites are incredibly large, they tend to collect a lot of dust. With our trusted high-quality dusters, you can remove any amount of dirt and grime quickly and easily. Dust control is an essential part of any professional cleaning routine, to keep your premises neat and clean and having the right tool for the job results in better and faster cleaning. At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, we have a wide range of dusters including feather dusters, microfibre dusters, modacrylic dusters and wool dusters as well. Check out our range above from Australia's most reliable names in the cleaning industry including Oates and Rapid Clean.

Different Types of Cleaning Dusters

Our wide variety of online cleaning supplies designed especially for dust control and removal are a hidden gem in the cleaning industry. Before you decide which cleaning products are best for your needs, let’s take you through the options.

Feather Dusters

Keeping surfaces like rough wood, stone, decorative objects or faux greenery free of dust can be hard work. The right choice of cleaning supplies can help take the pressure off essential tasks. A good quality feather duster can be very effective; it is made from ostrich feathers that trap dust efficiently without damaging surfaces - making it the ideal cleaning tool for your tool kit. With our range, you can choose from Oates feather dusters in both medium and large sizes, suitable for all your requirements.

Microfibre Dusters

Microfibre dust wands from Oates come with a microfibre sleeve that attracts and retains fine particles of dust making it suitable for both wet and dry use. What’s more, this dust wand can flexibly bend to reach inaccessible areas such as under couches, behind the refrigerator, on top of cupboards and more.

Modacrylic Dusters

We have a range of fantastic hand-held cleaning products including the modacrylic hand dust mop. Made from durable modacrylic fibres that efficiently capture dust, lint and dirt, the hand dust mop is suitable for cleaning furniture and skirting boards. For surfaces that want additional shine, use the modacrylic hand dust mop alongside polish for incredible results.

Wool Dusters

But if you need cleaning essentials specifically designed for hard-to-reach places, consider a duster with a telescopic handle. The Oates wool duster is suitable for all kinds of surfaces including those that are delicate, as its long telescopic handle allows it to clean those hard-to-reach places.

Key Benefits of Dusters

A good quality duster can make removing dust easy, efficient, and joyful. A quality duster will save you time as it can lift dust from its very first touch – you’ll never have to re-dust.

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View our range above of dusters from One Stop Cleaning Supplies. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of cleaning cloths and dustpans.