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Do you need to restore tired and dirty carpets to make them look like new again? Then you need a professional-grade carpet extractor. A carpet extractor is a specially designed type of carpet cleaning machine that helps to "extract" the dirt and stains within carpet fibres leaving the carpet refreshed and cleaned. Carpet extractors apply a mild solution of either hot or cold water that is combined with a specific carpet cleaning chemical, to the carpet. This cleaning liquid is then applied to the carpet pile to then absorb the dirt that resides in the carpet fibres. Using a combination of pressure and suction this dirty mixture is then vacuumed up by the carpet extractor and is stored in the carpet extractor machine for later disposal.

Different Types of Professional Carpet Extractors

Carpet extractors (which are also known in the cleaning industry as carpet water extractors or carpet extractor machines) come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and configurations. At the smaller end, there are small-sized carpet extractors which are used for cleaning deeply embedded stains in carpets and upholstery. At the larger end of the scale, commercial-grade carpet extractors can be larger machines which are suitable for cleaning large, carpeted areas and which are self-contained as they feature a brush underneath the machine that does the cleaning for you.

Carpet Extractors - Carpet Water Extractors - Carpet Extractor Machines - Key Benefits

A good quality carpet extractor is an invaluable piece of cleaning equipment that will help make your carpets look both fresh and new. They will also help you save valuable time and labour cost in cleaning your carpets as the machine does all the hard work and the operator merely needs to glide the wand head over the carpeted area. Many of our carpet extractors also feature numerous attachments that can easily make the extractor suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture or even curtains as well.

Keep Your Carpet Looking Great with A Quality Carpet Extractor

A good quality carpet water extractor is a must-have for any professional cleaner where cleaning dirty carpets are a regular task. Whether it be professionally cleaning carpets for a corporate office, a hotel or motel or other large, carpeted area, a carpet extractor machine will help save time and effort and bring your carpets back to new.

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Carpets can easily become worn out. But with a quality carpet extractor, the professional cleaning of your venue is simplified. Make your experience of carpet cleaning simple, quick and effective which helps you to save money on your labour costs in the meantime. If you are searching for a carpet extractor, then we have you covered at One Stop Cleaning Supplies. View our range above of commercial-grade carpet extractors. To complete your line-up of carpet cleaning equipment, you may also wish to browse our range of vacuums and commercial floor polishers.