Make your customers and guests feel welcome by ensuring that you always have a steady supply of cleaning supplies like toilet paper rolls and hand towels in the washrooms. This not just helps ensure high levels of hygiene but also keeps the premises neat and tidy and creates a great impression. You can also add some facial tissues to the collection to further enhance the quality of your welcome.

Toilet paper rolls are amongst the most basic amenities in washrooms. Given the frequency of usage, give some thought to the kind of toilet paper you wish to stock. Whichever kind you choose, you can save costs considerably if you buy toilet paper in bulk from any good toilet paper supplier. At One Stop Cleaning supplies, you can explore toilet paper varieties from reputed brands of commercial cleaning products like Kleenex, Kimberly Clark, Livi and Pure. Bulk toilet paper purchases (and for that matter, buying your bulk toilet paper online), is a great way to save money and also save valuable time going back and forth to your cleaning products supplier. Check out our range here of bulk toilet paper online and we recommend you buy toilet paper in bulk to help take advantage of the great savings on offer. You can find dispensers of all kinds for your toilet paper rolls. Your choice of toilet paper dispenser should take into account the kind of toilet roll you plan to use – will you be using bulky toilet paper rolls also called jumbo rolls, or the standard sized toilet rolls? You can also decide according to the amount of space available, the budget available, whether you wish to have open or enclosed toilet paper dispensers, or even lockable dispensers to prevent theft and wastage.

Hand washing is another essential activity in any bathroom and it is wise to ensure a ready supply of hand towels in your washroom. Paper hand towels come in different sizes and qualities, just like toilet rolls, and the kind of hand towels you decide to use will determine the kind of hand paper towel dispenser you need to get. We stock a variety of hand towels from brands like Rapid Clean, Entice, Kleenex, Kimberly Clark and more. Our range of paper hand towels and hand towel dispensers is second to none and we aim to take the stress out of buying these products as we can ensure you get the right combination for your needs. Toilet paper rolls, hand towels and facial tissues are all cleaning products designed for dispensers and keeping them in dispensers has many different advantages. Having them stored in dispensers and only given out as per need keeps the hand paper towel, toilet roll etc. free of dust, dirt and germs but more importantly, it also helps to prevent their wastage with customers only using what they need. Ultimately, your choice of hand paper towels (rolls or stacked paper towels, regular size or slimline, etc.) will impact the kind of hand towel dispenser you buy. Much in the same way, you should first choose your preferred kind of facial tissue, and then get the right dispenser for them that best meets your needs and requirements.

Confused about how to choose the right kind of hand paper towels, facial tissues and toilet paper rolls and, accordingly, the right dispensers for them? Just give us a call on 1300 131 700, and our friendly, helpful team will be happy to address your queries regarding our large range of cleaning supplies online or our even bigger range of cleaning suppliers and products in-store.

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