When you’re in the market for bulk tissues, you’ll often be looking out for something that is cost-effective but also has material that isn’t going to make your nose sore. Wiping or blowing your nose should be a comfortable process that is easy to pick up and use. Make your visitors and workers feel welcome with small touches like a box of facial tissues at strategic points in all public areas. Whilst often small and unnoticed by many, having a readily available supply of facial tissues throughout your venue is a great way of helping prevent the spread of nasty germs amongst your team and customers. Facial tissues are different from other cleaning supplies like hand paper towels and toilet rolls, as they are softer and more absorbent. They are also much stronger meaning they must be disposed of in the trash rather than flushed down the toilet. In our range of cleaning supplies online, you will find a range of facial tissues from the world-famous Kleenex brand; a household name when it comes to tissues. These premium facial tissues provide maximum comfort and softness.

Key Types of Facial Tissues

Our range of facial tissues can be used to remove make-up, sweat, blow your nose or sneeze. As facial tissues are disposable, they are much more hygienic and sanitary than using towels or handkerchiefs. They are soft enough for use on the face as they are made of virgin and specially treated paper. Apart from wiping your face to freshen up, Kleenex facial tissues can also be used to mop up spills, remove a smudge of dust from any surface, and more. Just like other kinds of paper-based cleaning essentials, facial tissues are also available in different levels of quality and sizes. You can get our Kleenex facial tissues in 2ply and 4ply variants and boxes of tissues ranging from large, medium, and small to pocket pack sizes. So, whether you are looking for facial tissues that can be placed within a laptop bag or handbag or a large box of tissues suitable for a busy workplace, you will find the ideal Kleenex tissue box for your needs here.

Tissues - Key Benefits

A ready supply of tissues in your venue will help prevent the spread of germs and encourage safe hygiene practices. In turn, this will help prevent your team from falling ill and impacting team productivity, so you can work for longer. Tissues are a must-have for any kitchen, toilet block, office or other hospitality venue. A good quality box of tissues will look great and encourage your team or customers to use them when needed. Facial tissues are just as important as other cleaning essentials in the washroom and should be stocked in sufficient quantities to avoid running out. You can also bulk buy facial tissues from us to prevent that from happening, and to save on costs too.

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