Tissue Dispensers

On the lookout for a high-quality tissue dispenser that looks good and stands the test of time. View our range of tissue dispensers that look better than a standard tissue box, making your commercial or industrial space look fresh. One of the things that many of our customers dislike about boxes of tissues is that they would prefer to minimise the visual impact of the box of tissues on their bench and have something that looks more streamlined and consistent with their aesthetic. This is where a professional tissue box dispenser comes in. A tissue dispenser is a great-looking case that goes over the box of tissues. This then hides the original box and enhances the overall look and style of your tissues. Often made from plastic with a chrome-like appearance, our tissue dispensers will enhance the look of your area. Tissue dispensers are often used in situations where the visual impact of the branding on the original tissue box is not desired, and the company want its aesthetic to stay consistent. For example, reception desks, high-end offices, board rooms, dental surgeries and luxury bathrooms.

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Tissue Dispensers - Key Benefits

A professional-looking tissue dispenser is all about enhancing the look of the box of tissues. Businesses work tirelessly to keep up their image and branding. All their packaging reflects this, and their premises should too. The last thing you want standing out from your incredible décor is a box of branded tissues.

Upgrade Your Look With A Quality Tissue Dispenser

Make your customers feel like you care about their well-being with little touches. Provide tissues and tissues dispensers at key points around your venue to show that you care about the details.

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View our range above of tissue dispensers from One Stop Cleaning Supplies. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of paper hand towel dispensers and toilet paper dispensers.