Flat Mops 

Flat mops are one of the more recent inventions in the cleaning supplies space but have quickly become a go-to mop for many cleaners. A flat mop consists of a long pad type mop which rely on their fibres to do the heavy job, working to lift the dirt from its surface.  Flat mops give you the greatest control when mopping large commercial spaces. Unlike a string mop, which tends to move fibres in all different directions, a flat mop has a limited cleaning surface for focussed efforts, so that you can clean specific marks and dirt from timber and tile surfaces. Every great mop comes with its special counterpart: the mop head. These mops require a special type of mop head usually made of lightweight metal.  With the Velcro attached to the bottom, the mop head can hold the flat mop pad in place as you do your cleaning.

Our Flat Mop Range

Hard floors can be difficult to clean, especially with equipment that seems to take an age to work its magic. Make the process simple with easy cleaning of hard-floor surfaces through a map that does all the hard work for you.  At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, our range of flat mop heads come in a variety of different colours such as red, blue, green, and white. This makes them ideal for preventing cross-contamination, using each coloured mop in a different area.

Key Benefits of Flat Mop Systems

Flat mops are the speed demons of mops. Their targeted area and specifically crafted fibres make them ultra-efficient in lifting dirt and marks from hard floor surfaces. They are lightweight and easy to use, whilst giving you long-lasting applications saving you time and money. 
Flat mops are a must-have for any professional cleaner who deals with hard floor surfaces. A good quality flat mop will help you get the job done quickly and whilst saving you valuable time.

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View our range above of flat mop heads from One Stop Cleaning Supplies today. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of all-purpose wipes and commercial floor pads which are specifically designed for removing tougher and stuck-on dirt from floors.