Plastic Spray Bottles

Need to spray your cleaning chemicals in the right spot every time? Then you need a quality spray bottle that helps give you the expert aim required for the job. What’s more, you save money on refilling the bottle as it has an extra focussed aim – no waste necessary. Plastic spray bottles are lightweight plastic bottles with a trigger spray nozzle. Good quality spray bottles will have an adjustable nozzle that enables you to change from spraying a fine mist option to a jet spray option for longer distances. Any professional cleaner knows the importance of having multiple good spray bottles on their cleaning trolley. Done well, a good spray bottle will save you time and effort, making your application of cleaning chemicals both fast and minimising waste. A bad quality spray bottle will result in messy drips of chemicals, wastage, and leaky nozzles. Save yourself the hassle and pick up one of our great quality spray bottles at One Stop Cleaning Supplies today.

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Plastic Spray Bottle Benefits

You need spray bottles that are easy to use, reliable and don't break. But what’s also important is that they provide a nice even spray, whether it's a mist or something more targeted. Reliable spray bottles will make applying chemicals to concentrated areas both quick and efficient. They will save you time by applying the product straight to the surface without leaking any of the chemicals onto your clothes or hands. The secret to this is a sturdy nozzle that connects to the refillable bottles without becoming loose. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have the right measurement of chemicals by your side whenever you need it.

Plastic Spray Bottles Make Cleaning More Efficient

A line-up of spray bottles is a must-have for any situation when cleaning chemicals are needed. A good quality plastic spray bottle will save you time and help keep your cleaning chemical costs down with focused sprays. We recommend you have a few spare bottles at any time just in case they are misplaced or left behind on a cleaning routine.

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