Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers have grown in popularity since Covid-19 and are now an essential item in every workplace or public space. Without a doubt, hand sanitisers are amongst the most essential hygiene product to always have available. In situations where handwashing with soap and water is not feasible, sanitisers are the next best thing. Standard antibacterial hand washing liquids need to be used with water, so you can only use them where sinks are available. Most hand sanitisers, on the other hand, can be applied directly into the palm without needing any dilution. They kill 99.9% of germs on your hands without the need for water. Even on the go, after putting in your PIN, entering your workplace after using public transport or handing cash, a quick squirt of hand-sanitizing gel keeps everyone safe from the sniffles. However, not all hand sanitisers are the same in terms of efficiency, so you should make an informed decision. Should you buy hand sanitiser liquid or hand sanitiser gel? Would a foaming hand sanitiser be better? These are all a list of questions that you may be considering when making a conscious choice of having a hand sanitiser station readily available.

Hand Sanitiser Types

One of the most important things to check before you choose a hand sanitiser is the alcohol content. To be effective in keeping your hands germ-free, hand sanitisers should have an alcohol content between 60% and 95%. The best hand sanitisers will have an alcohol content of over 70% with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Here at One Stop Cleaning Supplies, you can explore our wide range of hand sanitisers from brands like Deb and Purell, with a variety of highly effective hand sanitising liquids and foams, pick the right kind for your needs.

The Benefit of Frequent Hand Sanitiser Use

The simplest benefit is the fast and effective cleaning of hands from germs and harmful bacteria. Apply hand sanitiser to get rid of those potential dangers and prevent the spread of viruses around your commercial spaces. Keep your customers and staff safe with hand sanitiser stations that let your customers know you care. Post-Covid, hand sanitisers are now the norm. Keep your venue, staff, and customers safe and healthy with a quality hand sanitiser today.

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Keeping your hands clean is a priority. Now we know about the dangers of bacteria lurking on even the most innocuous surface, a hand sanitising station is part of our routine. Place hand sanitisers whether it be in gel or foam form around your premises, to give your customers or workers ease of mind. View our range above of hand sanitisers from One Stop Cleaning Supplies. To help keep your venue looking great, you may also wish to browse our range of hand soaps and hand towels.