Hand Towel Dispensers

Whether you are aiming to smarten up your washrooms with low-maintenance but good-looking dispenser systems or trying to improve hand hygiene in your venue, a good quality hand towel dispenser is a must-have for any venue - it is "indispensable". You need paper hand towel dispensers that look great and help to keep your paper costs down. They should be easy to refill and clean, helping to improve the overall appearance of your bathrooms. A hand towel dispenser is a specially designed dispenser for the safe and efficient dispensing of paper hand towels.

Our Range of Hand Towel Dispensers

For the Australian market, there are generally two types of paper hand towel dispensers to choose from:

Roll Towel Dispenser

A roll towel dispenser is used for rolls of paper towels, they often have a serrated lip on the dispensing end which is used for tearing the roll of paper towel for use. Whilst these are often used in bathrooms, they are better suited to commercial kitchens where a variable amount of paper might be needed - perhaps to clean up a spill, line a tray or put underneath a chopping board.

Cut Sheet Dispenser

A hand towel dispenser for pre-cut sheets of paper hand towels come in numerous different shapes and sizes. These are often found in bathrooms where there is a focus on keeping the area looking neat and tidy but also on helping minimise the usage of paper as well. These dispensers are great for limiting use of hand towel as they dispense a sheet at a time.

Paper Hand Towel Dispensers - Key Benefits

A good quality paper hand towel dispensers will not only help keep your costs down, but they will also keep your bathroom or kitchen looking neat. Having a well-stocked dispenser that is within arm’s reach will encourage your team and customers to dry their hands properly and thereby help prevent the spread of germs throughout your venue.

Keep Your Bathroom and Commercial Kitchen Running Smoothly With A Quality Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

A quality paper hand towel dispenser is a must-have for any kitchen, toilet block, office, or other hospitality venue. They will help keep your venue looking neat and provide a ready supply of paper towels for when it's needed.

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