The COVID-19 virus has presented the world with an unprecedented challenge. While scientists grapple for an urgent solution in the form of a vaccine, we are left with few measures to battle the virus. Among these, the foremost include wearing a mask, sanitising, disinfecting and maintaining hygiene at all times in all places.

Though these measures have been highly recommended by the government, the question arises- Can a simple disinfectant actually kill the COVID-19 virus? The answer lies in a basic scientific explanation.

The COVID-19 virus is an enveloped virus which has a protective lipid coating. Such a fatty wrapping is often only a flimsy protective shell which makes the virus vulnerable and easy to kill.

Alcohol-based cleaning products easily disintegrate this protective shell around the virus, ultimately killing it.

Disinfectants commonly used in the healthcare and food sector attack the lipid structures, thus destroying the virus’s ability t

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