In the age of Covid-19, bathroom hygiene is the need of the hour. Since washing hands with soap is the only defense against the virus, using the right equipment such as soap dispensers becomes imperative. The soap dispenser is an extremely useful tool in this regard, as it facilitates contactless operation and improves hygiene levels inside the restroom. Of course, dispensers also win hands down just for the sheer ease of usage. Earlier, soap dispensers were a rare sight, only to be found in hotel and restaurant bathrooms, but today every modern home and workplace requires a modern soap dispenser! Not convinced? Here are some reasons to invest in a soap dispenser for your home too!

    Bar soaps just aren’t good enough

It is a widely known fact that bar soaps can house millions of germs, bacteria, and other hazardous microbes. If you have frequent guests or workers at your home, visiting your bathroom, you can be assured of dirty bar soap. After a

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