In the age of Covid-19, bathroom hygiene is the need of the hour. Since washing hands with soap is the only defense against the virus, using the right equipment such as soap dispensers becomes imperative. The soap dispenser is an extremely useful tool in this regard, as it facilitates contactless operation and improves hygiene levels inside the restroom. Of course, dispensers also win hands down just for the sheer ease of usage. Earlier, soap dispensers were a rare sight, only to be found in hotel and restaurant bathrooms, but today every modern home and workplace requires a modern soap dispenser! Not convinced? Here are some reasons to invest in a soap dispenser for your home too!

    Bar soaps just aren’t good enough

It is a widely known fact that bar soaps can house millions of germs, bacteria, and other hazardous microbes. If you have frequent guests or workers at your home, visiting your bathroom, you can be assured of dirty bar soap. After a person uses the toilet, all the germs from their hands will get passed on to the bar soap. Thus, the next person to use the same bar soap will get these germs transferred to their hands. See how bar soaps can prove to be deadly to the health of your family? In such a case, a contactless soap dispenser can be a great choice since it prevents the risk of spreading infection.

    Less wasted soap

The soap dispensers release controlled portions of soap - these measured portions are appropriate quantities for washing hands. As a result, there is no wastage of the liquid soap product. This not only contributes to sustainable living but also reduces the overall costs incurred by you on cleaning products as well.

    Protection of the soap

Apart from not being prone to cross-contamination, the soap dispenser also protects the soap inside from germs and various other bacteria. Along with that, it also protects the soap from various climatic conditions which might be unsuitable for it. The soap dispenser also helps in creating a neat and tidy bathroom since unlike a bar soap in an open soap dish, it isn't constantly being moved around and placed all over the bathroom counter.

    A more aesthetic alternative

If you want to give a modern, sleek or hip look to your bathroom decor, a soap dispenser is the way to go. You can select from a very wide range of soap dispensers online, and match the dispensers with your overall decor. For instance, the ones with a chrome finish will give a rounded modern look to the bathroom decor. There are a myriad styles of soap dispensers available for you to choose from. The foam soap dispenser is one such soap dispenser which gives a luxurious feel to the bathroom and is perfect for homeowners who like their bathroom decor to make a statement. Other soap dispensers can also store products apart from soap, such as body lotion, sanitiser and shampoo. These are a great option for your guest bathrooms. If you decide to buy a countertop soap dispenser, then you can even place scented candles, flowers, and vases around it as well.

    Longer lifespans

The soap dispenser has a much longer lifespan than any bar of soap you will ever encounter. Due to the contactless operation, there is minimal wear and tear. This results in an increased lifespan. Overall a soap dispenser will give you a great return on your investment. If you are still in two minds about spending on soap dispensers, why not start out with one of the cheaper soap dispensers. They come in a minimalistic, basic design but do the job right.

    Easy to maintain

The soap dispenser is easier to maintain than a regular bar of soap for a number of reasons. Due to the huge capacity of the soap dispenser to store a lot of liquid soap, there are a minimal number of refills required. This decreases the time you will spend on refilling soap and cleaning up messes. Bar soaps tend to leave impressions and residual soap in the holder, which look ugly and need regular cleaning. The soap dispenser is a great choice in such a scenario.

    Ease of usage 

Ease of use is another great advantage of the soap dispenser over the normal bar of soap. If placed correctly in the bathroom within reach of the user, the soap dispenser is extremely easy to use. This is particularly so for homes where there are children and frequent handwashing is a given. The wall-mounted type soap dispenser is a great example.

    Less space needed

The soap dispenser does not take up much space and can easily be placed in a small corner of your bathroom vanity/counter, or on the wall. In small houses and apartments where every inch of space is at a premium, this is essential. If chosen with care and placed strategically, a soap dispenser can easily blend in with the general bathroom decor.

We hope that this short guide on soap dispensers has convinced you to choose a soap dispenser for your home bathroom. Let us know in the comments, which soap dispenser you’ll be choosing for your bathroom.

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