Helpful Tips For Cleaning your Home

Cleaning the home well is no less than an art. It requires discipline and proper knowledge of the process, along with the right cleaning supplies. The cleaning process starts with you deciding which cleaning products to buy, and how to go about the whole cleaning operation. To ensure that you exhaust your cleaning supplies and not yourself in this whole exercise, it is recommended to have a plan of action in place before you start cleaning.

Helpful Tips For Cleaning your Home

Here is a list of helpful tips to effectively clean your home in no time!

    Clean in Batches

    Do you clean one room at a time? Your home cleaning process can become much more efficient if you pick up one cleaning-related task such as dusting, mopping or vacuuming and then perform that task in the entire house in one go, instead of cleaning every room separately.

    Set up a System

    Have a repetitive routine or system for cleaning. For instance, always start cleaning a room from one particular spot. Go around the room and end at the same spot. Do this every time you clean that room, and you’ll avoid getting haphazard or chaotic in your cleaning efforts.

    When you have a set routine every day, you will get accustomed to the process and be able to get through it faster.


    Rather than putting your cleaning supplies in different places across the house, store them all together in one place. You can buy a general-purpose bucket when you buy cleaning products. This will allow you to store all your supplies together, prevent clutter, and also make it easier for you to carry them around the house. A bucket with an ergonomic grip and compartments will come in handy.

    Clean your Cleaning Supplies

    We often forget that our cleaning supplies also require regular cleaning. Using a vacuum with a full bag or a mop whose head is dirty or frayed will set back your efforts to spruce up your home. So, remember to clean out your cleaning supplies on a regular basis, following manufacturer guidelines as indicated.

    Use the Right Supplies

    For a proper clean, it is important to buy cleaning products that are efficient and fulfill all your needs. For example, wiping a surface using a normal cloth will only spread the germs over the entire surface. On the other hand, by using a microfibre cloth you can trap and remove the germs. In the background of dangerous pandemics like COVID-19, it would also be a good idea to buy cleaning supplies online for the safety of the family.

    Try a Feather Duster

    Feather dusters such as those made from Ostrich feathers are great for routine cleaning. The feathers trap the dirt particles and do not leave any residue. A feather duster can be used in almost every part of the house and is a highly affordable option.

    Vacuum in Rows

    To make the most of your time spent vacuuming, remember to vacuum the entire length of the room in rows. This is the most efficient way to get the job done. Once a row is completed, start with another row at the front of the room. An upright vacuum cleaner works best in homes.

    Here are some specific tips for cleaning the different rooms and parts of the house:

    Clean the Dishwasher

    Over time, food grime and dirt build up in the nooks and crannies of the dishwasher. You should try and clean out the remaining bits of food after every dishwashing cycle. Take out the bottom rack and clean with a microfibre cloth. This will also increase the lifespan of your dishwasher.

    Scrub the Toilet

    Cleaning the toilet bowl is imperative for the family’s good health. If the bowl is not cleaned at least thrice a week, bacteria and germs can build up leading to numerous harmful diseases in the family.

    How to clean: Apply a biodegradable toilet bowl cleaner and let it dwell on the surface for 5-10 minutes. Then use a stiff-bristled toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Ultimately, use disinfectant wipes to clean the toilet seat and handle. If you do not want to invest in separate disinfectant wipes and toilet bowl cleaner, you can buy a generic bathroom cleaner which gives a similar, strong clean. There is a wide variety of bathroom cleaning supplies online that are affordable and effective.

    Restore the Rusty Cast Iron

    When you over-scrub your cast iron skillet, it can remove the seasoning. To restore the rusty cast iron, use a scour & sponge to remove the rust. Then clean with a mild soap, rinse and leave it to dry.

    After drying, use vegetable oil to coat the inside and the outside of the skillet. Bake it upside down in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour or so. Let the iron cool and remove the remaining grease using a paper towel.

    Clean the Carpets

    If you have wall-to-wall carpeting in your home and also have pets or kids, then carpet spots and stains are likely to become a frequent phenomenon. Use a carpet spot and stain remover on your carpets to help them stay clean and last longer.

    Don’t Forget the Windows

    To clean your windows, wait for a cloudy, overcast day. First, wipe the glass pane with a dry microfibre cloth. Then, squirt the glass cleaner on the window. Let it stay for some time and ultimately use the wet side of the microfibre cloth to remove the cleaning solution from the window.

    The same glass cleaning liquid can be used to sanitize phones, computers and mirrors as well.

    If your windows are not very dirty and you just need to freshen them up, another alternative window cleaning method is to place a drop of dish soap in a gallon of water. Then, using a cloth, spread this solution generously on the window. Finally, use a squeegee to remove the solution in one go. This will make sure no excess solution is left.

    Remove Pet Hair

    Here’s a handy trick for all pet owners. After using rubber gloves to clean the dishes, use the damp gloves to pick up pet hair across the living room!

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    Hope you found these house cleaning tips helpful! Let us know how you plan to clean your house, in the comments below!

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