Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at home can be tricky and there is no magic wand which we can use to clean everything perfectly in one go. But we do have a few essential cleaning tools and supplies that are no less than a magic wand. Read on to find out more about those important cleaning supplies that can take any home from okay-clean to super clean!

    Vacuum Cleaner

    If not anything else, a home must have a vacuum cleaner. They work well on both carpeted and non-carpeted floors and ease the effort involved in the cleaning process. With a vacuum cleaner, you can achieve a much more effective clean with minimal effort. If your house is spacious with many carpeted floors, you should go for an upright vacuum cleaner. If, on the other hand, your house has many tight spaces and there is a large amount of space, you should go for a canister vacuum. To know more about which vacuum cleaner to choose for your home, read our article.

    Microfibre Cloths

    Microfibre cloths are a great invention in the cleaning industry. They are reusable, they cut down cleaning time and the microfibres absorb everything - from light dirt to water! The microfibres trap and remove particles without leaving any scratches. The All-Purpose Microfibre cloth is no less than a magic wand- it will clean all surfaces, be it leather, chrome or stainless steel. It can be used for daily kitchen cleaning, dusting, spot cleaning and much more. You should always keep a few of these stocked in your home.

    All-Purpose Cleaning Solution

    An All-Purpose Cleaning solution helps to significantly cut down your expenditure on cleaning supplies. With such a multi-purpose cleaner, there is no need for you to buy a wide range of chemicals. This cleaner acts as a general floor cleaner, laundry prewash, carpet spotter and even as a vinyl cleaner. It easily cuts through the grime, dirt and grease commonly found around the house. The All-Purpose cleaner can be used along with a microfibre cloth.

    Broom and Dustpan

    Another one of the most basic cleaning products that should be present in every home is a broom and dustpan. This simple yet effective tool will work wonders on dust, fur, pet hair and dirt on all flooring except carpets. A small handheld broom and dustpan set can fit easily into tight spaces, allowing you to maintain your home decor.

    Dust Mop

    A basic hand dust mop will give you the benefits which no other cleaning equipment will. With its long handle, easy maneuvering and flexibility, this mop is by far the best option to clean hard-to-reach places. The Modacrylic fibres in the mop can easily capture lint, dust and dirt. Overall, the dust mop will give you that extra edge in cleaning. Read more in our Guide to Buying Dust Control Mops

    Rubber Gloves

    Gloves are a rather affordable and necessary cleaning accessory to have at home, especially when you are cleaning with chemicals. Rubber gloves have high durability and provide a great deal of protection. They can also be used in the kitchen for protecting the hands while washing dishes. Remember to also wash them regularly.

    Toilet Tidy and Brush

    The most essential cleaning supply for the bathroom is the toilet tidy and brush. The tough bristles of the brush ensure that no corner remains dirty and the compact, lightweight design aids in ease of usage. These come in a variety of designs and colours to suit your preference. The corner design facing inward allows discreet storage of the tidy, thus, maintaining the bathroom decor.

    Scourer Sponge

    Though a less popular cleaning product, the Scour Sponge is actually an important cleaning accessory to have at home. It does the work of a microfibre cloth and more. This sponge is an ideal, low-cost option for high gloss polishing, cleaning non-stick and coated cookware and more delicate surfaces. It wipes the surface clean in one go and increases your cleaning efficiency.

    Multi-purpose Washroom Cleaner

    A multi-purpose washroom cleaner can make your life extremely easy. Instead of investing in a number of cleaning solutions for different parts of the bathroom, you can just get this all-in-one cleaning solution for the bathroom. Its fiercely effective, yet gentle action removes lime, hard water scale, rust and waste products from all washroom surfaces. The solution also works great on tiled floors, when diluted. When used neat, it is a forceful cleaner of toilets, urinals and showers. The washroom cleaner also leaves a fragrant scent after cleaning, giving your bathrooms a fresh and welcoming ambience.

    Anti-Bacterial Wipes

    In the age of COVID-19, it is imperative to have a pack of Anti-bacterial wipes (Hospital Grade ones are even better!). They work against most fungi, bacteria, pathogens and specifically the coronavirus. Once a surface has been wiped, it should be left to dry for 1 minute. This will give the disinfectant in the wipe enough time to kill the pathogens. Afterwards, allow the surfaces to air dry and that’s it. These wipes need to be disposed of after one use.

    Glass Cleaner

    If your home has numerous glass surfaces such as windows, glass table tops, mirrors, computers, car windows, or even glossy painted surfaces (laminate, chrome or stainless steel), then you should consider buying a glass cleaner for your home. In such a case, the All-Purpose cleaner will not prove to be as efficient as a specialized glass cleaner. The glass cleaner will maintain the original sheen of the glass surface for years.

    Hand Towels

    Even though this might sound like an obvious cleaning supply, we often miss them out while buying cleaning supplies. Good quality hand towels in the washroom or the kitchen make a great impact- both on the visiting guest and the homeowner. With great absorbent capacity and superior softness, quality hand towels are a must in every home, especially when there is company.

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