It’s the 21st century and hygiene has never been more important. One extremely effective way to maintain a clean environment at homes, schools, retail shops, health care facilities and offices is simply buying a dust control mop.

A dust control mop is a large industrial sized mop with a long handle (scissor-like or rotating) that can be used to clean hard floors, walls, ceilings or any other hard surface. It is a one-of-a-kind cleaning tool specifically tailored to pick up 50% more dust from the floor, including lint, light dirt and small rubbish, leaving behind clean surfaces and cleaner air. Almost all cleaning professionals recommend using a dust control mop as compared to other cleaning supplies for a more hygienic environment.


Why are dust mops effective?
Good quality dust mops use modacryclic fibres which help to increase their durability, retain the original shape and easily pick up dust, lint and light dirt off the floors. Overall, they are much more effective than other basic cleaning supplies and equipment.


Things to remember when buying dust control mops
While buying dust control mops, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

1. For hard-to-reach places, use a swivel head

Buying dust control mops with swivel heads can really make your cleaning routine more effective. You can easily clean the corners and other places that are hard to reach with conventional cleaning supplies and tools.

2. For large hard floor area cleaning, choose a ‘scissor mop’

When cleaning a bigger surface area, such as in a commercial space, use a scissor dust control mop. This makes the entire process much more efficient as it saves time and collects dust and large debris with an easy scissor action.


3. Stitching and weight

One of the characteristics of the best cleaning supplies is stitching and weight, specifically in the case of dust control mops. Good mops, used for professional cleaning, will be lightweight and have well stitched fibres for easy manoeuvring and better cleaning.


4. Maintenance

The best dust control mops are the ones which can be cleaned without any hassle. Simply put the mop head into the washing machine, set a cold temperature and, after washing, hang it to dry vertically or lay it flat.

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