At One Stop Wholesaler, our range of commercial deep fryers and cook tops includes the popular range from Trueheat.

Trueheat commercial ovens, ranges, cooktops, grills, fryers and salamanders are ideal for restaurants, cafes, take always, or other venues where fast and even quality heat is required.

We find that our customers love Trueheat fryers due to their robust stainless steel construction, quality components and clever design which makes them easy to use and a breeze to clean.

Trueheat offer a variety of cooking units ranging including gas burners, gas range ovens, gas BBQs, deep fryers and salamanders. With so many options and configurations available, Trueheat is sure to have a model to fit your size and budget.

For a great deal on Trueheat and a range of other commercial quality cooktops and fryers, you can't go past One Stop Wholesaler who offers unbeatable pricing and Australia wide delivery across their entire range.

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