Restaurants, cafes, bistros, takeaways, food trucks and commercial kitchens are often high-traffic, high mess areas that need a lot of effort to keep clean. Grease, spills, food, oils and staff always in a rush are some of the many factors that contribute to the need to keep these venues sparkling clean - not to mention the growing list of stringent cleaning and hygiene requirements and regulations. For over 30 years we have been supplying cleaning supplies and cleaning products to a wide range of hospitality venues of all shapes and sizes Australia wide. Check out below some of our most common cleaning supplies that are purchased by cafes, restaurants, takeaways, canteens, bistros, hotels and food trucks.

To keep grease and dirt at bay in your commercial kitchen, you need specialised commercial cleaning products such as degreasers, high-quality kitchen cleaners and spray cleaners. For your overall cleaning requirements, we also offer a wide range of commercial restaurant cleaning supplies like disinfectants, sanitisers, scourers, mops, mop buckets, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, sponges and microfibre cloths so that your cleaning crew can keep your food preparation as well as food serving facilities sanitised, hygienic and welcoming.

To keep your floors sparkling clean, we have a range of mops, scourers, brooms and even high pressure washes. We also sell a wide range of bathroom amenities to help keep ensure your customers have a pleasant experience when visiting your food establishment. This includes commercial cleaning products for hand hygiene, toilet paper, hand towels, hand wash as well as soap dispensers. Our range includes leading brands of cleaning supplies including a wide range made in Australia or also made internationally.

We at One Stop Cleaning Supplies have been supplying commercial kitchen cleaning products to hospitality venues throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Canberra and Darwin for over 30 years. Check out our collection of cleaning supplies online and get in touch with us if you have any queries or specific requirements. Our expert team on 1300 131 700 will be happy to assist you.

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