An essential piece of hospitality equipment for any successful kitchen is a bain marie. A quality bain marie can keep your food warm and tasty whilst also minimising spoilage.

At One Stop Wholesaler we proudly sell a wide range of bain marie accessories including the range from Robinox. Robinox steam pans are versatile and can be used in both front and back of house for storage, and hot and cold food preparation. The feature a clever anti-jamming design that prevents pans from jamming together when stacked. They also feature curved interior corners shaped to the spoon helping you maximise serving yield, along with wide border rims, reinforced corners and corners shaped for easy pouring. Our range includes stainless, polycarbonate plastic and perforated steam pans of various sizes.

One Stop Wholesaler's range also includes the Robinox range of docket holder and round steam containers.

For a full range of accessories for your bain marie, you can't go past One Stop Wholesaler.

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