Looking for a reliable commercial dishwasher, glass washer, meat slicer, blender, or commercial blender? At One Stop Wholesaler, we sell a wide range of catering equipment throughout Australia including the incredibly popular Hobart range of commercial catering equipment.

Founded in the US over 100 years ago, Hobart manufacturers specialist and commercial grade catering equipment for the foodservice and food industry and has a large product range that has stood the test of time in the toughest of kitchens throughout the world and in Australia. Hobart's range is extensive and includes blenders, meat slicers, glass washers, food mixers, freestanding and conveyor commercial dishwashers, reverse osmosis systems, and food cutters that make bulk food preparation a breeze. Hobart commercial catering equipment products are built to last and withstand the most demanding of kitchens and bars. Hobart's design philosophy is to use quality and durable parts and then combine these with items that are easy to use and clean.

One of Hobart's most popular lines is its range of commercial grade dishwashers and glass washers. These products have earned a reputation in the market for their rigidity, quality components, easy to service design and unbeatable reliability. Their specifically designed motors are energy efficient, and their cleaning patterns efficiently use water giving you perfectly cleaned sparkling dishes and glasses in a minimum of time and energy consumption.

At One Stop Wholesaler, we have been selling the full range of Hobart catering equipment for over 25 years and offer great pricing Australia wide. Keep your kitchen running smoothly with Hobart catering equipment today from One Stop Wholesaler.

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