At One Stop Wholesaler, we have for sale a large range of commercial catering equipment including the very popular range of Austheat commercial freestanding deep fryers.

Austheat commercial deep fryers are freestanding 3 phase electric fryers and are ideal for take always, cafes, fish and chip shops, or other venues where great tasting golden fried food is required.

Our customers like Austheat fryers due to their robust stainless steel construction, extra tank thickness and clever design which makes them easy to use and a breeze to clean. Unlike gas fryers, Austheat's range of electric fryers typically result in a cooler kitchen as they generally add less heat to your kitchen than a gas equivalent. This makes them ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium or where ventilation is limited.

Austheat offer a variety of sizes with both single and double tank configurations with a model sure to meet your preferred size and budget. For Austheat and a range of other commercial grade gas fryers, you can't go past One Stop Wholesaler who offers unbeatable pricing and Australia wide delivery across their entire range.

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