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  1. Essential Safety Tips to Follow While Handling Cleaning Products

    Cleaning products, when used properly, can significantly improve the hygiene and safety of any living or working environment. However, if not handled properly, these products do have the potential to cause harm or injury. For this reason, cleaning staff and all people who work with these chemical cleaning products must be aware of the safety tips to follow while handling them.

    To ensure the health and safety of all cleaning staff, and to be sure that they are cleaning safely at all times, keep in mind these essential tips for handling cleaning products:

    Store all cleaning products safely
    The safe storage of cleaning supplies is one of the most important aspects of ensuring health and safety for the staff. Cleaning chemicals must be stored in a well-ventilated area, away from any HVAC intake vents. This way, fumes if any, can be prevented from circulating to other areas. The container caps or lids should always be properly closed to prevent leaks or spillage.

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  2. A Guide to Buying Dust Control Mops

    It’s the 21st century and hygiene has never been more important. One extremely effective way to maintain a clean environment at homes, schools, retail shops, health care facilities and offices is simply buying a dust control mop.

    A dust control mop is a large industrial sized mop with a long handle (scissor-like or rotating) that can be used to clean hard floors, walls, ceilings or any other hard surface. It is a one-of-a-kind cleaning tool specifically tailored to pick up 50% more dust from the floor, including lint, light dirt and small rubbish, leaving behind clean surfaces and cleaner air. Almost all cleaning professionals recommend using a dust control mop as compared to other cleaning supplies for a more hygienic environment.


    Why are dust mops effective?

    Good quality dust mops use modacryclic fibres which help t

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  3. Tips on Cleaning Tables at Restaurants during COVID

    Cleaning and sanitisation are extremely important activities in the food industry, and the worldwide pandemic has made these even more critical. While coronavirus is not known to be transmitted through food, it can be transmitted through frequently touched surfaces like tables. The Centre for Disease Control in the USA and Safe Work Australia have set out a number of guidelines with regard to proper cleaning of high-traffic equipment like tables at restaurants and other food venues.

    Here are some helpful tips for you on the right way of sanitising tables between sittings at your restaurant or cafe during COVID.

    Cleaning at restaurants, cafes and other food venues must be done more often than at other “regular” workplaces, especially in areas where there is a high movement of people and sharing of facilities. Dining tables specifically must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each use.


    The correct sanitising technique for tables

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  4. The Right Hand Washing Techniques for COVID-19

    It’s 2020. The world is fighting a pandemic, one that spreads like wildfire. But how can you beat it? Vaccine? Yes, but that’s not coming very soon. Then how? The simplest way - hand washing!

    The importance of handwashing today
    By simply using soap and water to wash our hands regularly, we can protect ourselves from COVID. Thus, practicing hygiene in every aspect of our lives has never been more essential. This starts with keeping our homes and offices clean and encouraging everyone to follow the proper handwashing techniques as prescribed by the World Health Organisation.

    The proper handwashing procedure to follow
    The WHO has released guidelines outlining the proper handwashing techniques, and the procedure that should be followed every time a person comes in contact with shared surfaces. These five simple steps can protect you from infection even if you do come in contact with a source of infection. These steps are

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  5. Cleaning Best Practices and Why They are Important

    A workplace today needs to be clean not just for appearances but also because of the potential impact on the health of the people working within that space. Maintaining cleanliness helps companies be more efficient and productive, especially in times like today with challenges like COVID-19 and associated risks. Following the right practices for professional cleaning at your workplace, home or other premises can have many benefits, such as:
    ● Lower exposure of workers to hazards like dust, allergens, bacteria, etc.
    ● Good hygiene leading to improved health and fewer sick days
    ● Better condition of property due to regular cleaning
    ● Improved productivity and morale of everyone in the office

    For maintaining a healthy and inviting working environment, here are some recommended cleaning best practices that should be followed by all cleaning professionals:

    Use the best cleaning supplies for professional cleaning

    Select the right cleaner

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  6. One Stop Cleaning Supplies - Online now!

    One Stop Cleaning Supplies are proud to announce the launch of our new website – with thousands of our cleaning products to choose from, you can have anything you need delivered to your door or workplace. We have it all! It is your one stop shop for all cleaning solutions and supplies.

    Our new website aims to continue our business philosophy of being a true one stop supply solution for all your cleaning supplies and equipment needs. We aim to do this by:

    1. Best advice – our team members are the heart and soul of our business. Many of our team members have a background in cleaning and hospitality and have spent years helping our customers find the right cleaning products and chemicals for their needs. Our team always strive to provide friendly and helpful service and will go above and beyond to ensure you get the right advice and product every time. We know that buying cleaning supplies is never easy and often the right advice can make all the difference saving you valuable mon

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  7. New Store Opening! One Stop Cleaning Supplies

    One Stop Cleaning Supplies are excited to announce the opening of our store!

    Our 800 sqm store and warehouse has every cleaning supply you could need including cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, paper products, cleaning accessories and lots more.

    We have a massive range of items in stock from many of the best cleaning supply brands in Australia including Kimberly Clark, Kleenex, Oates, Nilfisk, Karcher, Deb, Gojo, Deb, Purell, and many, many more.

    Our store is located in Mildura, Victoria and enables us to keep our overhead costs low and we aim to pass those savings onto our customers. Our showroom and warehouse are also ideally located on major freight routes giving us super fast delivery for our customers in major cities including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Our strong relationship with our freight partners allow us to offer fast delivery across our entire range and if we haven’t got your specific product in stock, we’ll do our very bes

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