Cleaning and sanitisation are extremely important activities in the food industry, and the worldwide pandemic has made these even more critical. While coronavirus is not known to be transmitted through food, it can be transmitted through frequently touched surfaces like tables. The Centre for Disease Control in the USA and Safe Work Australia have set out a number of guidelines with regard to proper cleaning of high-traffic equipment like tables at restaurants and other food venues.

Here are some helpful tips for you on the right way of sanitising tables between sittings at your restaurant or cafe during COVID.

Cleaning at restaurants, cafes and other food venues must be done more often than at other “regular” workplaces, especially in areas where there is a high movement of people and sharing of facilities. Dining tables specifically must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly after each use.


The correct sanitising technique for tables

While cleaning at cafes, restaurants, hospitality venues etc., the cleaning process for tables must include two steps:

  • Cleaning: Tables should be cleaned with water and detergent. Simply water and physical effort shall not be enough to kill the virus. Also, if a surface is not cleaned thoroughly, it will hamper the effectiveness of disinfectants.
  • Disinfection: After cleaning, the surface must be disinfected with an approved disinfecting product or sanitiser. Disinfectants contain chemicals that kill germs on the surface. A variety of disinfectants are available today that are effective against COVID-19 - they usually contain either 70% alcohol, or chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach, or ammonium compounds.


Things to remember while cleaning at restaurants and hospitality venues

While a large number of sanitising products are available in the market today, you should keep some things in mind while picking and using cleaning supplies and equipment:


  • For cleaning in cafes, restaurants, takeaways, and other food venues, you must ensure that the disinfectant you use is HACCP recognised as suitable for use in a food-related environment.
  • To avoid long waiting times between tables, aim to select cleaning supplies that are not just effective but also easy to dispense and quick to use, such as the RapidClean Heavy Duty Antibacterial Wipes or the Agar Wipeaway Grease Cutting Cleaner.
  • Chemical does not have to mean harmful to the environment. For cleaning at hospitality venues or food venues, you can also use fully biodegradable, phosphate-free products like the Rapid Clean Spray N Wipe Multipurpose Cleaner.
  • Make sure that all employees are properly trained on the correct sanitising techniques.
  • Read and follow all the instructions from the manufacturer, with regards to the usage of the sanitising products.
  • Wear the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) while carrying out the cleaning and disinfection process.

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