If there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it is hygiene! Cleaning regularly and using proper cleaning supplies at both homes and offices has never been more important. But if you are confused about which cleaning products to invest in, don’t worry! We bring you an informed guide curated by our cleaning experts and professionals to help you select the right product tailored to your needs. Each of these cleaning supplies is a great investment. They make the process faster and better, leaving your home cleaner!

1. All-Purpose Cleaning: Oates Microfibre All Purpose Cloth

All-Purpose Microfibre cloth is truly the best invention in the cleaning industry! These are reusable, cut down cleaning time drastically, and the microfibre absorbs practically everything - from light dirt to water!

Using a ‘microfibre’ all-purpose cloth is extremely important as the microfibre can pick up bacteria, germs, and other microscopic unwanted materials without the use of chemicals, thus making the process eco-friendly and natural as well! The Oates variety comes in different colors as well so you can color-code cloths for different purposes and avoid cross-contamination.

This All-Purpose cloth can be used on a range of surfaces - leather, chrome, stainless steel, and porcelain among others. From daily kitchen cleaning to dusting and spot cleaning, this cloth can change your life!

Pro Tip: Buy them in bulk- that works out even cheaper and they can last you for a long time.

2. All-Purpose Cleaning: Citrus Resources Squirt Ready Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This All-Purpose Cleaner is likely to be unlike anything you’ve used before. An all-Natural Cleaning Product, it uses Eco-friendly chemicals and vegetable/plant-based detergents that are good for the environment, bio-degradable, and have a great fragrance!

This multi-purpose cleaner easily cuts through general dirt, grime, grease, and vegetable matter commonly found in kitchens. It does so very efficiently by softening and dissolving oils and hardened fats.

With this all-purpose cleaner, you don’t have to invest in separate floor cleaners either, since it provides all the necessary benefits - acting as a laundry prewash, carpet spotter, and even vinyl cleaner!

3. Bathroom Cleaning: Oates Toilet Tidy and Brush

Using proper bathroom cleaning equipment is essential for your home. The Toilet Tidy and Brush by Oates is one cleaning product that gives you a thorough clean with minimal effort.

Its tough bristles clean the hard-to-reach corners as well, while its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use and less time consuming to work with.

And the best part? The corner design facing inward allows discreet storage of the toilet brush, thus maintaining your immaculate bathroom decor!

4. Bathroom Cleaning: Citrus Resources Zest Washroom Cleaner

If you are looking for an All-Natural, Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Solution, then this one by Citrus Resources is the best! Made using eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals, this plant-based cleaner works wonders!

Its fiercely effective, yet gentle action removes lime, hard water scale, rust, and waste products from all washroom surfaces. The solution also works great on tiled floors. The handy build of the product allows easy handling and faster usage.

Tip: Due to the neutral citrus acids this cleaner is not suitable for use on marble, limestone, granite, or other stone surfaces.

5. Glass Cleaning: Research Products Halo Glass Cleaner

If your home has numerous glass surfaces such as glass tabletops, mirrors, computers, electrical equipment, car’s tinted windows, glossy painted surfaces, laminate, chrome, or stainless steel, then you should seriously consider buying the Halo Glass Cleaner by Research Products.

While an All-Purpose cleaner can work, it will not be suitable for all glass surfaces, and getting a made-for-glass cleaner can help you maintain the original sheen of the surfaces for years on end.  

This particular solution is a fast-drying, streak-free cleaner that cuts through greasy fingerprints and food-based grime in a flash! HALO does not leave dirt and dust attracting residues. This helps to keep the surfaces cleaner for longer.

6.  Dusting: Oates Flexi Dust Wand

The biggest problem with home cleaning is being unable to clean the hard-to-reach places which then accumulate large amounts of dirt and rubbish over time.

The Oates Flexi Dust Wand is a cheap, durable solution to this age-old problem. The flexible head of the wand bends into shape to clean the hard-to-reach places such as around fridges, under couches, and Venetian blinds. Containing microfibres, it attracts and captures fine dust and dirt particles without any chemicals.

The microfibre sleeve on the wand is ideal for both wet and dry use. The orange pad is used for dry dusting while the blue pad on the opposite side is used for stubborn dirt and grime. We guarantee this scientifically made dust wand will make your life so much easier!

7. Dusting: Oates Hand Dust Mop Modacrylic 

If you have high-grade polished furniture, then this Dust Control Mop is a must for you. Ideal for skirting boards and furniture, it has extremely resilient and durable Modacrylic fibers that easily capture lint, dust, and dirt. It can even be impregnated with polish to enhance dust collection

This Dust Control Mop comes in two varieties - a 45 cm handle and a 90 cm handle.

8. Carpet cleaning: Research Products Unbelievable Carpet Spot Stain Remover

If your home is carpeted, an all-purpose cleaner will not be sufficient for cleaning those soft, mammoth carpets. You will need a dedicated Carpet Cleaning solution. This solution by Research products is economical and fast!

It is a Quick action carpet spot and stain remover that is suitable for use on carpets and upholstery. Its effective properties tackle almost all stains, ranging from grease and oils, protein-based stains such as gravy, eggs, milk, and blood, to tannin, tea, and coffee-based stains.  This carpet cleaning solution can make your carpets look brand new even after years of use!

9. Scrubbing: Oates Ultra Scrub Dura Fresh Tuff Sponge

If you have small children at home, then this Scrub will come in very handy. With its large size and super cleaning power, it easily removes ink, crayon, scuff marks, and grime without much hassle. No chemicals are required to use this scrub and it can be used alone.

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