A workplace today needs to be clean not just for appearances but also because of the potential impact on the health of the people working within that space. Maintaining cleanliness helps companies be more efficient and productive, especially in times like today with challenges like COVID-19 and associated risks. Following the right practices for professional cleaning at your workplace, home or other premises can have many benefits, such as:
● Lower exposure of workers to hazards like dust, allergens, bacteria, etc.
● Good hygiene leading to improved health and fewer sick days
● Better condition of property due to regular cleaning
● Improved productivity and morale of everyone in the office

For maintaining a healthy and inviting working environment, here are some recommended cleaning best practices that should be followed by all cleaning professionals:

Use the best cleaning supplies for professional cleaning

Select the right cleaner and disinfectant for each kind of surface in your premises (e.g. wood, metal surfaces, laminates, etc.) and follow manufacturer guidelines regarding usage. To make the office cleaning process more convenient, you can also use multipurpose cleaners like the RapidClean Spray ‘N’ Wipe Multi-Purpose Cleaner, which combines the work of a cleaner, degreaser, and antibacterial spray in one convenient spray, helping you get clean surfaces with minimal effort.

Maintain the right frequency of cleaning

Areas that see a lot of usage such as elevator switches, doorknobs, handrails, and so on, should be cleaned and disinfected using the right cleaning supplies at least thrice a day. Restrooms must be cleaned at least four times a day, more if possible. Apart from this, daily professional cleaning of the entire workplace is essential.

Use reliable cleaning supplies and equipment

Cleaning effectively, as we have seen, can make a marked impact on the workspace. Make sure you equip your team with all the cleaning supplies and tools they need to do a great job, from heavy-duty wipes to light-weight mop buckets, and from reliable manufacturers. If you are unsure about what the right products might be, your expert advisor at One Stop Cleaning Supplies is just a phone call away!

Ensure all dispensers are restocked regularly

Encouraging hand hygiene in the workplace can also be counted among the cleaning best practices to follow today. This can be done by ensuring a regular supply of hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels, etc. in all restrooms and other relevant spots.

Do you follow all these cleaning best practices at your workplace? Is there something you do in addition? Let us know.

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