Kleenex 4735 Toilet Paper Rolls 2 Ply, 400 Sheets Per Roll, 48 Rolls Per Carton (19,200 Sheets Per Carton)

Kleenex 4735 Toilet Paper Rolls 2 Ply, 400 Sheets Per Roll, 48 Rolls Per Carton (19,200 Sheets Per Carton)

Scott 38004 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper 2 Ply, 8 Rolls Per Carton, 300m Per Roll (2,400m Per Carton)

Scott 38004 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper 2 Ply, 8 Rolls Per Carton, 300m Per Roll (2,400m Per Carton)

Kleenex 4782 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Maxi, 400m Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Carton (2,400m Per Carton)

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Kleenex 4782 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Maxi, 400m Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Carton (2,400m Per Carton)

The Kleenex 4782 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Maxi is a high quality absorbent 2 ply toilet paper with a soft feel in a super efficient 400m jumbo roll.

Uplift your washroom experience with the trusted and familiar Kleenex brand, designed to deliver an unrivalled experience whilst supporting high workplace hygiene standards.

Kleenex 4782 jumbo roll toilet paper provides a superior softness with user comfort and satisfaction in mind. Ideal for high traffic workplace washrooms, this 400m high capacity toilet paper and compatible dispensing system reduces the need for maintenance and refilling during peak times.

The high quality, absorbent 2-ply toilet paper is FSC certified and Environmental Choice NZ certified.

This jumbo roll toilet paper is compatible with Kimberly-Clark Professional dispensers in white (70260), black (70005) and stainless steel (4972).

Each case contains 6 jumbo toilet paper rolls and each roll is 400m long.

Kleenex Jumbo Roll toilet paper by Kimberly-Clark Professional, form part of a wider range of washroom products designed to create a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

Kleenex 4782 Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Maxi - Key Features

  • One case of jumbo rolls contains 6 rolls, each roll contains 400m of Kleenex toilet paper.
  • Jumbo toilet paper rolls, ideal for use in high traffic areas and to reduce maintenance during peak times.
  • 2-ply toilet tissue for improved comfort, superior softness and absorbency.
  • Proudly FSC certified.
  • Compatible with selected Kimberly-Clark Professional jumbo toilet roll dispensers.

Kleenex Toilet Paper - Learn More About Our Range of Bulk Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper

Produced by Kimberly Clark, Kleenex is a global leader in providing toilet paper supplies renowned for their quality, environmental sustainability and exceptional value for money. With Kleenex toilet paper, its easy to bring the comforts of home to your venue or workplace giving your users maximum comfort and helping provide a positive experience from the washroom and beyond. Our range of bulk toilet paper from the world famous Kleenex brand includes a toilet paper for every application - whether it be small roll bulk toilet paper, individually wrapped toilet paper, interleaved bulk toilet paper or jumbo roll bulk toilet paper. When it comes to bulk toilet paper, Kleenex is the superior choice providing a sought after blend of comfort, softness and drying performance. Kleenex is the original and the best when it comes to user experience and provides an uplifting experience in any washroom.

Kleenex Toilet Paper - Good for the Environment

When it comes to selecting a bulk toilet paper, Kleenex is one of Australia's most trusted brands. Many of the bulk toilet paper products made by Kleenex use fibre that is sourced from FSC Certified or FSC Controlled or Reclaimed Wood sources. Not only is this good for your washroom, more importantly it is good for the environment as these qualities help you to play a small part in having a lasting positive impact on our environment.

Bulk Toilet Paper from Kleenex - The Smart Way to Buy Kleenex Toilet Paper

At One Stop Cleaning Supplies, we proudly sell a wide range of bulk toilet paper Australia wide. Our range of Kleenex toilet papers come in bulk sized quantities - often in packs of 24, 36 or 48. By purchasing a bulk pack of toilet paper, it enables you to save valuable time and money as you can rest with peace of mind that your facility will have more than enough toilet paper in stock for when its needed. As we all know, an emergency dash to your local wholesaler toilet paper supplier or the supermarket is not a great use of time, money or employee effort as a simple trip could easily consume well over an hour or two once travel time is factored in. Buying your toilet paper in bulk is a smart choice as it helps reduce your business product costs, your labour costs and also the amount of time involved in sourcing and replenishing those critical washroom supplies.

Kimberly Clark - Learn More About the Brand and Our Range of Products

For over 150 years, Kimberly Clark have grown into a global leader when it comes to washroom products and accessories. Fuelled by ingenuity, creativity and an understanding of people's most essential needs, Kimberly Clark products have become an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries and often hold the Number 1 or Number 2 brand share in over 80 countries world wide. Kimberly Clark also has a strong emphasis on making a positive contribution to our planet and their products feature sustainable practices to support a healthy and sustainable environment. Click here to learn more about our range of Kimberly Clark products (and sub brands such as Scott, Kleenex, Kimberly Clark Professional, Costsaver, WypAll and more) and our range of products including bulk toilet paper, hand towel, tissues, liquid hand soaps, wipes and dispensing solutions.